What is your cancellation policy?

Our refund, transfer and cancellation policy is outlined on our Refund Policy page.

Do I need prior outdoor experience to participate?

Our events are catered to all abilities for adults and young children. If you have a specific concern or need an accommodation, please reach out to hello@mommycamp.com so we can support you in getting outdoors!

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, a completed Assumption of Risk waiver is required for participants to attend our programs and outings. There may be additional registration paperwork required for certain activities. The necessary paperwork will be outlined during the registration process.

Do you have any gear I can use?

Hither + Yon wants to ensure outdoor experiences are accessible! We offer rental gear for day events and provide lodging during overnight trips. You will receive a full gear list during registration. We also will offer suggestion on where to acquire gear, if requested.